The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Sorority Recruitment (2021)

Nervous for virtual sorority recruitment? Learn how to stand out during Zoom sorority recruitment and make the most out of this unique experience.

Has your sorority recruitment turned virtual?

If you weren’t already anxious about in-person recruitment, I bet you are 10x more anxious about doing sorority recruitment over Zoom.

But take a deep breath… and let’s talk about how virtual sorority recruitment works and how to make the most of this experience.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you virtual sorority recruitment tips for 2021.

We’re going to cover topics from how to dress, how to do your makeup, what to expect day-to-day during the recruitment process, how to make a *virtual* connection with sorority sisters, and ultimately be the potential new member every sorority wants!

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Should you do virtual sorority recruitment?

To start off this guide let’s talk about the elephant in the room–should you even do virtual recruitment? And is it even worth it?

First of all, yes it’s worth it! But, I understand if you are not totally convinced yet.

Sorority recruitment during a pandemic is exactly what it sounds like: sorority recruitment during a pandemic.

This situation is beyond imagination and I don’t think anyone could have predicted that this is how sorority recruitment in 2021 would be like.

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However, regardless if your sorority recruitment is in-person or virtual, I believe, it is worth it 110% because of the opportunities it could bring you to connect with like-minded women on your college campus.

These women, your potential Sisters, are so excited to meet you.

And they are just as nervous and anxious about this new virtual format of sorority recruitment as you are. Everyone in this situation is literally in the same boat and this is definitely an experience no one will forget.

I also believe that virtual recruitment can help the sorority sisters learn and connect with you more because the format will hopefully be quieter and calmer than in-person sorority recruitment. And this can definitely help you if you are more shy or introverted.

Preparing for virtual sorority recruitment

For virtual sorority recruitment there’s slightly more prep-work that needs to be done on your part as a potential new member.

This includes:

  • Getting your living situation in order (i.e., moving out and into your dorm/college apartment)
  • Getting a device that will allow you to participate in virtual sorority recruitment (i.e., a computer or phone that has a camera, a microphone, and audio)
  • Making sure you have a good internet connection
  • Finding outfits to wear
  • Choosing what your hair, makeup, and nails will look like
  • Connecting with your Pi Chi or recruitment counselor

Preparing your living space for virtual sorority rush

With virtual recruitment, you are inviting other sorority sisters virtually into your living space. And you do not want to have your messy room in the background with clothes all over the floor on display!

Your best bet is to find a quiet, well-lit location that has a neutral colored wall you can sit in front of.

I would not recommend using a virtual background on Zoom because it could be more of a distraction to the sorority sister talking to you.

I also would not recommend doing it outside due to the potential sound of the wind, cars, and other people getting picked up on the microphone.

Having a device for virtual sorority recruitment

For you to be able to participate in virtual sorority recruitment, you need either a phone or computer that has a camera, a microphone and audio.

Without those three components, you won’t be getting too far in the recruitment process!

If you do not have a phone or computer for recruitment see if you can borrow one from a friend or family member.

You could also contact your campus library to see if you can rent out a laptop to use during recruitment.

If you are not having any luck finding a device, reach out to your Phi Chi or recruitment counselor to see if they can help connect you with someone or a place that has a device you can use during recruitment.

Having good internet service

With a virtual format of sorority recruitment, there are bound to be technical issues, but one way to reduce technological problems is to have good internet service.

Hopefully your dorm, apartment complex, house, or wherever you are has a good internet connection, but if it doesn’t you can try to boost it with a wifi extender like this one.

Alternatively, you can use the hotspot on your phone if you have one, but that could get expensive really fast.

Finding outfits to wear

We will cover what to wear more in detail soon, but just remember: just because sorority recruitment is virtual that doesn’t mean you can just wear your PJs!

During sorority recruitment, you need to dress for success.

The outfits you pick out should reflect your personal style and personality.

They should also be (to an extent) modest and free from any graphics containing foul language or profanity.

Figuring out what to do with your hair, makeup, and nails for sorority recruitment over Zoom

No matter what you decide to do with your hair, makeup, or nails: remember that you are joining a sorority that has chosen you because of you.

They didn’t choose you because you had the most incredible hair or nails–they chose you because of your personality and qualities.

During this time, I would definitely recommend DIY-ing your own hair, makeup, and nails.

And keep everything looking natural or doing a more soft glam look.

As Zoom sorority recruitment progresses, you can amp up your hair and makeup a little bit each day.

For example, if you have naturally straight hair, you can wear it straight on day 1, but by preference night, you could curl it to have a more formal look.

Additionally, you could wear lighter, more natural makeup on day 1, but on preference night you can add a little more shimmer or boldness with fake eyelashes, a little extra lipstick, or shimmery eyeshadow.

In regards to your nails, I would recommend a light pink or neutral color.

If you want to be fancier, you can do french tips for a classic, timeless look. You can also buy press-on french tip nails, like these, if you struggle painting your nails (like me).

Connect with your Pi Chi or recruitment counselor

Your Pi Chi or Recruitment Counselor should reach out to you prior to recruitment, but if not you need to connect with them.

Your Pi Chi/Recruitment Counselor is essentially your “mom” during the entire virtual sorority recruitment process.

What is a Pi Chi?

A Pi Chi is a sister from one of the sororities at your university. During the recruitment process, she has temporarily disaffiliated from her sorority to help women, like you, through the sorority recruitment process.

Prior to taking on her role as a Pi Chi she has been interviewed and trained to be the best Pi Chi she can be. She is supposed to be a non-biased individual you can go to throughout the recruitment process with literally any problem you may have.

She is there to help you navigate the virtual sorority recruitment process and help you think through your options when ranking your sororities at the end of each day.

Alternatively, you can also talk to any of the women on Panhellenic Council at your university if you have questions about recruitment or are having a difficult time choosing the perfect sorority for you.

What to wear during virtual sorority recruitment and outfit ideas

How you look and feel during recruitment is important.

Not in terms of vanity, but in terms of how you present yourself, how confident you are, and how you feel.

If you look good and feel good it will reflect regardless if you’re doing recruitment in-person or virtually.

From the clothes you wear to how you do your hair and makeup, it should reflect your personal style and personality.

Dressing to fit in rather than dressing to look like yourself will show and it is not a good long-term strategy during sorority recruitment.

At the end of the day, your sorority is choosing you based on what they saw in you during recruitment.

Whomever you presented yourself as is what they are expecting to be joining their sorority. So if you go into recruitment trying to act and dress outside of your authentic self it is going to show in the end.

In other words, just be yourself.

Dress like yourself, wear your makeup like normal and do your hair like you usually do.

Let the sororities fall in love with the real you and I promise you the recruitment process will fall into place. You just have to trust it!

Now with that being said, during the recruitment process, there is a day-to-day progression from casual to more fancy in regards to what you wear, your hair, and your makeup.

And we’ll now go over how the dress code of each day of the recruitment process varies.

And then later, I’ll talk more in-depth about what each day of recruitment actually means:

Sisterhood Rounds Outfit Ideas

The very first day (or sometimes two days) of recruitment is called “Sisterhood” Round.

This round is not as casual as the next day (aka you can’t wear jeans during Sisterhood Round), but a sundress, romper/jumpsuit, or a nice blouse with pants or a skirt will work.

In terms of shoes, you can wear wedges or a nice pair of sandals (preferably ones with a back).

Since recruitment is virtual, you may be able to get away with no shoes though!

Philanthropy Round Outfit Ideas

The second day of recruitment (it may be your third if you are at a university with a lot of sororities) is called Philanthropy Round.

It’s definitely more casual than Sisterhood Round because you can wear jeans/denim if you want to.

Your Pi Chi will provide you with a t-shirt to wear and you can pick out any appropriate bottoms to wear–jeans, high waisted shorts, a skirt, etc.

Preference Round Outfit Ideas

The final day before Bid Day is Preference Round or Pref Night.

This is the most formal day of recruitment, so wear a nice cocktail dress or nice dress pants/skirt and blouse.

However, do not come to pref night wearing a prom dress by any means. A short or midi length, flirty dress works perfectly!

And also, avoid wearing black or white. Why?

Because most sorority chapters use those colors for rituals. And because you are not part of the sorority chapter yet, you do not want to come across as desperate.

Some universities may have their Preference Round in-person, and if yours is, make sure you wear a nice pair of heels or wedges that you can walk in easily.

The overall structure of virtual sorority recruitment

Sorority recruitment, depending on the university, is a multi-day process of meeting women from every single sorority chapter at your university.

It is a mutual selection process meaning to receive a bid at the end, you would have had to love the sorority as much as they loved you.

At the end of each day of recruitment you, as a potential new member, and each sorority will rank one another.

If you and a specific sorority chapter both rank one another high, you are more likely to be asked to return to that sorority chapter the next day for another round of conversation.

As you advance through virtual sorority recruitment, you will drop sororities and sororities will drop you (meaning you or the sorority remove one another from contention).

Typically on the last day of recruitment, Pref Night, you will only visit at maximum, two sororities, and you’ll pick which one you feel like you most belong in.

The days of recruitment (typically) are as follows:

  • Sisterhood Rounds–casual conversation and small talk. You and the women of each sorority chapter will get to know each other. This is where you’ll show off your personality and the sororities will learn more about who you are, where you come from, and what makes you tick.

  • Philanthropy Rounds–casual conversation, but it is more centered around what you as an individual stand for and what each sorority stands for and their philanthropic cause/focus. For example, Gamma Phi Beta, the sorority I was part of, the philanthropic focus was Building Strong Girls, so we, as sisters, talked to new members about what we do as a chapter to empower women and girls and our involvement with Girls on the Run.

  • Preference Round–more personal conversations where you learn more about the values of each sorority and what they can offer you as a new member and potential Sister.

  • Bid Day–the day where you join your new sorority as a new member and celebrate with food, dancing, and lots of photos!!

With sorority recruitment being virtual this year, it appears that the rounds or days will be hybrid–meaning split between online (Sisterhood and Philanthropy) and in-person (Preference and Bid Day).

However, it is important that you listen to your university’s Panhellenic Council and Pi Chi for information regarding scheduling and potential schedule changes during the week of recruitment.

How to get comfortable being on camera for virtual recruitment

If you are nervous about showing your face on camera, it’s ok!

It’s normal to feel camera shy and to be uncomfortable with the idea of being on camera for an extended period of time in front of total strangers.

However, the sorority sisters who you will be meeting will be so thrilled to meet you in person *virtually*!

If you are still uneasy about being on camera, you can ask if you can just have a picture shown of you while on Zoom.

But preferably, the women you talk to will want to see your face in real time, so that you can make a better connection with them, but that is an alternative.

If you are looking to cope with your camera shyness, go stand in front of your mirror and practice talking to yourself.

Even download the Zoom App ahead and time and practice on a Zoom call with a friend or family member. Lucy Griffiths has a great guide on how to overcome camera shyness.

How to make a connection during virtual sorority rush

Making a connection can be difficult during the sorority recruitment process.

You as a potential new member are expected to hold 30-50 minute conversations with multiple women from the different sorority chapters.

It can be pretty exhausting and hard to think about what to talk about next if you are not naturally extroverted.

But at the end of the day, each sorority wants to speak to, hear from, and learn about the true you.

There’s no reason to pretend to be someone you are not because that will most likely not help you at all and you may end up in a sorority that is not the right fit or dropped from the recruitment process altogether.

If you are unsure of what to talk about or the dreaded question of, “do you have any questions?” comes up, prepare some questions ahead of time.

The sorority sisters you will be speaking to will love knowing that you are interested in their chapter and have done some research ahead of time. These questions can also lead to a deeper conversation too.

Most university’s sorority recruitment websites will have information about each sorority, the values of the sorority, and basic facts about each sorority. You can develop questions from your research, but also have on hand additional “lifestyle” questions such as:

  1. What do you love most about your sorority chapter?
  2. What is your favorite event that your chapter has done?
  3. What is the new member process like?
  4. What is the big/little process like?
  5. What made you want to go through sorority recruitment?
  6. How do you balance your schedule being in a sorority?

How to cope with being dropped by sororities during recruitment

One of the inevitable parts of sorority recruitment is that you will be dropped from sororities as recruitment progresses.

Some sororities you probably won’t mind being dropped from, but being dropped a chapter you thought was the perfect match, it quite painful. And even worse, getting dropped by every sorority on campus.

When I went through sorority recruitment I was dropped by every single sorority except one, Gamma Phi Beta, by Philanthropy Round (day 2 at my university).

I was crushed. Just absolutely crushed.

And I even considered not continuing the recruitment process, but I kept with it until the end because I knew that there had to be a reason why my sorority decided to keep me and I simply trusted the process.

At the end of the day that’s all you can do: trust the process. You will hear that phrase over and over again, but it is really the truth: trust the process.

The sorority recruitment process is brutal mentally, physically, and emotionally.

But, it is also a very rewarding process because at the end of it you are matched to the perfect sorority for you. The sororities that invite you back each day do so because they see you as potentially one of them.

And at the end of the day your goal should be to join a sorority whose members values align with yours and you feel like you can genuinely connect with them.

If you do get dropped by a sorority you love, know that they, at this time, did not see you as a good fit.

That, however, does not make you a bad person nor less valuable as a person.

The sorority that dropped you knows that there is a better fit for you out there, you just have to trust the process!

Do’s and don’ts of virtual sorority recruitment

When it comes to sorority recruitment there is certain etiquette you need to follow if you want to make it through onto the other side. Here are so do’s and don’ts of virtual sorority recruitment (they apply to in-person too!).

Do: Be yourself

If I haven’t said it enough, it is so important to be yourself during sorority recruitment.

Being yourself and staying true to yourself will guarantee you getting into a sorority that is perfect for you.

Every sorority strives to pick potential new members based on their personality, values, and beliefs.

They don’t (at least they shouldn’t) care about what you look like, how trendy you look, what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have. And if they do, that’s a huge red flag to drop that sorority immediately!

Don’t: Be negative

We are all in this virtual sorority recruitment process together, so to be negative about it is just setting yourself up for failure.

The sorority women of each chapter have worked hard preparing this experience and opportunity for you, and so to be negative, is equivalent to being ungrateful.

I promise you, negativity during the recruitment process will get you nowhere.

Additionally, do not talk negatively about any other sorority chapter, sorority member, potential new member, Panhellenic Council member, or fraternity chapter or member. It’s an absolute no-no during the recruitment process.

Do: Have a positive attitude

Positivity will get you far in during sorority recruitment!

Especially in this crazy time, radiating positivity will help you through this process and make it a lot easier for you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Each new day of the recruitment process, you should try your best to be enthusiastic about the opportunities this new day can bring you. It will definitely show when you converse with the women in each sorority and they will surely fall in love with you!

Don’t: Attend fraternity events during recruitment

Regardless if sorority recruitment is in-person or virtual, you should not be conversing with fraternity brothers or attending fraternity events.

Usually, during sorority or fraternity recruitment, each council has set up rules and penalties for its members and potential new members for interacting with one another during recruitment.

Why do you ask?

This is to prevent you, as the potential new member, from going into the recruitment process with bias. Not attending fraternity events also allows you to focus all of your attention on the recruitment process.

Do: Be open-minded

For some potential new members, they already know or at least think they know what sorority chapter they want to join.

Maybe their mom or their grandmother was a Sister of that chapter. Or maybe they want to join because all of their friends are already in it.

However, going into sorority recruitment with bias cuts you off from learning about and joining a sorority that could be an even better fit for you.

Try to be as open minded as possible during the sorority recruitment process. Be willing to learn about the other chapters and make a connection with the women in those chapters.

Just because you really want to join Αlpha Beta Alpha and three generations of women in your family have been a Sister of that sorority does not guarantee that you will get in.

Sororities are looking for more than just legacies, which are potential new members who have had a mother, grandmother, or sister, initiated into the same sorority, to join their chapter.

Sororities are ultimately looking for women who fit in/connect with the other Sisters of the chapter and whose values and beliefs align with theirs.

If there is one thing you take away from this guide it is that you need to be open-minded and to be yourself during the entire recruitment process.

Those two qualities will make you absolutely irresistible to the sororities you meet!

Don’t: Avoid or purposely not attend a sorority party during recruitment

Each day of virtual sorority recruitment you will attend parties.

These are not actually parties with cake and streamers, it is just a term that is used for the logistics of sorority recruitment.

For example, it is Sisterhood Round and you are in party #2, meaning the girls in party #1 will talk to the sisters of Αlpha Beta Alpha before you do because you are in party #2.

It is very important that you stay committed to the recruitment process and be respectful of it.

If you decide that you do not want to attend a sorority party due to whatever reason, you may be dropped from the sorority recruitment process altogether.

However, if you are unable to attend a sorority party due to a scheduling conflict or a technology/internet problem, then you need to talk to your Pi Chi about scheduling a makeup session.

But if you do not want to participate in a sorority party due to not liking that particular sorority then that’s a separate issue.

Remember, you need to be open-minded!

What one friend tells you about one sorority may not be true. Sorority recruitment is your chance to truly learn for yourself what each and every sorority is about and see if you connect with them.

You could be missing out on a huge opportunity for growth, friendship, and support just by avoiding one sorority party because of what you heard from a friend or read on Greek Rank.

Concluding thoughts about virtual sorority recruitment

Virtual sorority recruitment is here and it is here to stay in 2021.

It’s definitely a huge change for many recruitment “veterans” (sisters who have done recruitment in-person previously) and potential new members who were eager to join the sisterhood of their dreams.

However, turning sorority recruitment virtual is a change that can potentially bring new opportunities and accessibility to the recruitment process as a whole.

In today’s guide to virtual sorority recruitment in 2021, we discussed a variety of topics on how to thrive and make an impact as a potential new member.

We discussed everything from the value of virtual recruitment, how virtual recruitment is set up/scheduling, how to get over camera shyness, what to wear, the do’s and don’ts of zoom sorority recruitment, and more.

I truly hope this guide was helpful to you and will be a great reference for you as you get closer and closer to recruitment. Good luck!

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